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In 2020, two West Midlands based Musical Theatre creative team members got together and decided to form their own theatre company. One that does not choose its productions based on large cast sizes, or a drive to get bums on seats, but by a desire to produce and perform some of the smaller, unique, brilliant productions that were getting overlooked.

They noticed how amateur theatre has changed and developed from the way it was run fifty or so years ago. No longer did successful societies have a regular group of performing members that stayed year after year, appearing in whatever production that committee decided to produce.

They had noticed that performer's lifestyles, circumstances, work, family, etc. have changed and it now meant that performers and audiences were being choosier about where to invest their valuable leisure time and money too.

Obviously reputation plays it’s part and a company’s reputation for producing top quality entertaining musical theatre is of the utmost importance and will keep a loyal group of ticket buyers knowing that they will see an excellent production, by a superbly talented group of performers, created by a great production team and crewed by an enthusiastic talented passionate group of technicians.


Over an alcoholic beverage and a hearty plate of pub grub, the creative team decided upon the first show they wanted to put on and compiled a 3-year plan. Budgets were developed, a venue was sourced and the figures added up. Things were looking promising ... actually it suddenly all became very exciting. So as soon as their financial angel confirmed they were going to loan them the start-up funds required, the venue was booked and the rights applied for...


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