Creators Theatre Company (CTC) is a non-commercial musical theatre company formed in 2020 and based in Solihull, West Midlands. 

CTC is a vibrant enthusiastic creative team, whose vision is to build a small company of talented, dedicated and enthusiastic non-commercial cast & crew who share their desire to create unforgettable musical theatre experiences.

The company was formed out of a want to bring edgy, exciting & different productions to the region by a creative team and company of performers that were driven by a desire to produce the material.


The company's vision is for a dedicated, focused group of enthusiastic and driven amateur cast & crew with a shared desire to create unforgettable musical theatre experiences.

Our first production in May/June 2021 will be... RENT

Thank you so much for joining us for our 525,600 minute party. We hope you got some good information out of it. For those who missed it the video can be seen on our launch tab.

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